Walter Lance Cronin, 50, has been sentenced to at least seven years in prison after being found guilty of terribly heinous charges. The primary charges against him were gross indecency with a minor and of maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship with a child under 14 after it came out that he had sexually assaulted and molested the five year old daughter of his girlfriend over a period of four years.

The abuse began in 1993 when the girl was 5 years old and the man would force the girl to perform oral sex on him. He would also force the girl to watch him have sex with her mother and physically or verbally abuse her with insults such as “whore and bitch.” It was also documented that on more than one occasion the child was doused in gasoline before he threatened to “warm her.” In a vague effort to comfort her, sometimes the mother would hold her daughter’s hand while the abuse was taking place.

It wasn’t until 1997 when the girl moved to a new area of the country was she able to report the abuse to someone which Cronin denied at the time but was finally arrested and charged in 2004. Naturally the girl is suffering from trauma but Justice Stephen Southwood who sentenced Cronin said “she realizes that in order to have a good life she has to put the bad things behind her. Her courage and resolve to go forward with her life are to be admired.”

Mum ‘held daughters hand’ in molestations (

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