A man from Ironville in the UK has claimed that contractors incorrectly removed asbestos from his home, putting himself and his daughter at risk of contracting serious illnesses in the future. Fifty year old Randolph Smith, a housing association tenant, claims that he has experience in the building trade, and knows that the way in which the asbestos was removed was inappropriate.

Smith claims that workers should have sealed off rooms in the home while removing the asbestos from the kitchen and hallway of the home, but he stated: “Instead, they have just ripped it down, bagged it and carried it out.” He added that he knew about asbestos from his own experience in building, stating: “As soon as you knock it about, it becomes volatile. The way they did it was quite inappropriate. Every room has been covered in potentially lethal dust.”

Officials from the housing association have claimed that the procedure was carried out correctly, and that the dust is simply from a kitchen refurbishment. However, Smith said: “It’s just scandalous. My daughter is 15- years-old, and 20 years down the line she could contract anything from cancer to emphysema.”

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