A man from California has been charged with providing asbestos removal workers with certification without actually providing them with the proper training. The man has been accused of trying to defraud employers as a result of his practices.

The man, Rogelio Lowe from E&D Environmental Safety Training Inc, is said to have been providing workers with certification, but had not actually provided them with the training necessary to earn these certificates. Furthermore he was charging their employers the full amount for the training.

Asbestos removal workers have to have proper training and certification before they are qualified to remove this potentially deadly substance, and this is why they were being sent to the training facility. However, they were clearly not receiving the training that their employers had sent them along for.

An indictment stated that the course that was run by Lowe did not comply with federal laws, and training was not provided for the necessary amount of time. He is even said to have forged examinations for those that did not attend on the day, and provided answers for exams.

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