Enrique SantiagoEnrique Santiago, 20, from Massachusetts has been arrested after being accused of smashing a 10 week old baby’s face with a computer tablet in a pillow case on December 26 because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Apparently Santiago’s girlfriend’s baby had been receiving this type of abuse for about two months.

The baby’s mother, Maria Tata rushed him to a hospital in Boston with brain swelling, retinal bleeding and multiple fractures where he is now listed in critical but stable condition. He is expected to live but this child will more than likely have to learn to live with lasting disabilities.

After examining the baby, hospital officials notified the police because they say the child’s injuries were so severe. They say his little face, ear and buttocks were bruised and after more examination they found that the baby had older injuries which included fractured ribs.

Nashua, N.H. police Lt. Francis Sullivan told the Boston Herald, “This was a pattern of abuse that increased over time and culminated with Mr. Santiago striking the child in the head with an iPad-type tablet which was in a pillow case.”

Posts were found on Santiago’s Facebook page that would make one think he really loved this child and his girlfriend. Although it isn’t clear if he is the father of the child or not he was posting things about how he enjoyed babysitting his little ‘son’ Brendan.

On December 20 he posted. “Home with my son missing my wifey can’t wait to see her —- feeling happy.

On December 7 he posted, “Home chillin with my babe and the little man having quality time — feeling wonderful.”

Santiago has been charged with multiple counts of assault for repeatedly squeezing, shaking and slamming Brendan Joseph while his girlfriend was at work. He pleaded not guilty in Nashua District court on Monday, December 30, 2013 to a dozen counts of first degree assault and one count of second degree assault and he is being held on a $1 million bond.

Keep in mind this was a newborn baby, only 10 weeks old. How in the world can this child have been treated like this over a period of 2 months without the mother noticing something going on? If these accusations are true this child was being abused starting at only 2 weeks old. This absolutely breaks my heart. How could this woman have left her baby with this man and not notice bruises or fractures? To think of anyone hurting a baby especially one so young, enough to break its bones makes me ill.

I don’t know if they are going to let this child go back home with his mother or what but personally I would have to question that. I pray to God that the baby survives this and doesn’t have to suffer too much. He has been through more than his share of pain at such an early age.

Jan Barrett

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