A strange phenomenon has killed over 1,000 birds in Idaho. It has only affected mallard ducks in a small town called Oakly, Idaho.

Veterinarians have ruled out the avian flu, and believe that the cause is from a bacterial or fungal infection caused by eating grains that had been sprayed by pesticides on cattle farms.

Dave Parrish, regional supervisor for Fish and Game told Associated Press:

Some migratory mallards from Canada and their local cousins were still perishing at the creek Wednesday, staggering and struggling to breathe before collapsing.

Experts believe that whatever has caused the deaths of these birds was something in or near Land Springs Creek, which was where the dying birds were found.

According to AP, the internal symptoms include:

lesions in the lungs and hemorrhaging in the heart wall

All other birds in the area, including golden eagles, geese, magpies, crows and other birds have no symptoms of infections or any other malady.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has collected tissue samples of the mallard ducks along with water samples from the creek to determine the cause of the illness and death. The samples will go to the laboratory in Wisconsin, the University of Idaho and Washington State University. The results of the tests should be available by later today.

Heather Kuhn is an author who blogs at Todays News and the Blogger News Network.

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