Last weekend, the Philippine police arrested an Indonesian bomb suspect who was planning to bomb some local malls in Manila.

Police Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales said Filipino Kaharudin Usman Talib was arrested Friday in a shopping mall in Taguig city, a suburban district of Manila.

Follow-up operations on Saturday in a rented house in Taguig’s Muslim enclave, Maharlika Village, resulted in the seizure of a bomb fashioned from a 60 mm mortar filled with suspected C-4 plastic explosives and other material, he added.

There has been a lot of worry here because some Indonesian terrorists who had been trained to make sophisticated bombs by Alqaeda had entered into the Philippines. The worry was that they would attack Manila, using Tagalog speaking Muslims from Filipinos converted and then recruited to terror while working in Saudi Arabia.

In the meanwhile, the local Muslim groups are crying foul:

Members of the Muslim Legal Assistance Foundation Inc., the Bangsamoro Lawyers’ Network and the Association of Muslim Advocates of Law said Talib is innocent and that he went to Manila from his hometown in Maguindanao to apply for work in Saudi Arabia.

So just like the attempt of Muslim groups and their leftist allies  in Japan and Canada who are pressuring the government to ignore the attack on Marines in Basilan even though GMA news teams confirm the Marine’s version of the story,
The same groups that steal the aid money and whose corruption keeps the people in misery will now rally their clans to stop punishment of the Muslim criminals, in the name of religious solidarity.
You see, they may be murderous criminals, but in the clannish Philippines, they are their murderous criminals.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines

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