Scientists are working to develop a male contraceptive drug that will halt the development process of sperm in men.According to an article published in Nature Medicine this is how the drug works:

In order for sperm to grow and become mature, they need to be located next to Sertoli cells which nurse the sperm and aid their development. The scientists wanted to see whether it was possible to break the connection between the sperm and the Sertoli cells.This was achieved with the help of controlled administration of a Adjudin, a new molecule linked to inactive FSH, a hormone.

Succesful tests on male rats have made the scientists hopeful of the possibility of developing a male contraceptive pill eventually, which is not feared to have any side effect.Scientisits assured that such pill – induced infertility will not be permanent and discontinuation of use of the pill would restore male fertility.This pill would make the developing sperm cells “fall off” too early, before they were properly mature, resulting in complete but temporary loss of fertility in the rats. More research is needed to assess if the same approach could work in humans.

Team leader, Dr. D Mruk, the Center For Biomedical Research, New York, believes they have found a drug which could eventually meet the demand for a male contraceptive pill.A non-hormonal approach to male contraception using a drug which specifically targets a process in spermatogenesis has long been a very attractive option, as it leaves hormone production by the testis intact.One can only look forward to the eventual development of this method to be applied to male humans as well.

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