The Weekend Mail, a newspaper in Malaysia, is under heavy fire from both civilian and government critics for publishing a frank three page expose on the sexual attitudes and preferences of Malaysian teenagers. The headline on the expose read ‘You’ll be shocked!’ and it most certainly did as teenagers revealed their favorite sexual positions (spooning, galloping and tea bag positions ranked pretty high on the list).

The minister for women, family and community development was quoted as calling the article “downright vulgar” and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak said “The media going overboard in exploiting sex will only worsen our social problems.” The publisher for The Weekend Mail, The New Straits Times Press Bhd, said that the editors would be questioned about the feature. “The articles were offensive and distasteful,” said chief executive, Syed Faisal Albar.

The country of Malaysia is mostly a Muslim nation that has followed a conservative, pro-government attitude for decades. Only recently has this started to change with the installation of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and newspapers started to report on more sensational news that followed more of a tabloid style. In an ironic twist though, when the article was published there was one question that the vast majority of people asked agreed upon the answer: “One point everyone agreed on was that sex and sex-related issues should be discussed openly to avoid any negative perceptions.”

Newspaper gets slapped for sex story (Reuters)

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