Health Minister of Malaysia admits he’s the Man in the XXX Sex Tapes 

Chua Sol Lek Does Not Say if Paris Hilton or Pam Anderson Inspired Him

Maybe it was a New Form of Campaign Advertising?

Luckily for Malaysian Health Minister Chua Sol Lek, his videotaped sexcapades at a hotel suite were not coitus interuptus by the Malaysian Religious Police Squad.

According to the BBC, Minister Lek admitted to being the “man” in two “widely” circulated “sex” DVD’s. The DVD’s were left in the town of Maur, “for people to pick up.”

The article said Lek denied being involved in “making” the two DVD’s but that he was the “man” and the girl was a “personal” friend.

A “very” personal friend indeed, as the DVD’s show the couple having sex. Lek said he has already apologized to his boss, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawl, and to his wife and children. He also said he refuses to resign.

In his role as Health minister, Lek advocated the use of condoms to help stop the spread of HIV, in the face of “religious opposition.”

Lek may or may not have been inspired by similar sex tapes which surfaced featuring celebrities Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson.  He did not say.

Regardless if the forbidden tapes were a test run for a new Malaysian political advertising ploy, the Religious Police Squad takes a dim view of non-married Malaysians engaging in sex–or even being in the same general area as a member of the opposite sex.

What did they think of the Health Minister’s antics?

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Malaysian Health Minister “Unwittingly” Stars in Sex Videos 


Malaysian Health Minister “Unwittingly” Stars in Sex Videos 

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