According to the US commander in charge of police training in Iraq, thousands of Iraqi police officers have been killed in just the last couple of years. In a teleconference given to Pentagon reporters, Maj. Gen. Joseph Paterson stated that since September of 2004, 4,000 Iraqi police officers have been killed and another 8,000 have been injured. The primary goal for the US at the moment is to secure the city of Baghdad and reduce the violence to the point that the Iraqi police force can take over. With that done, the current Iraqi government can focus on restoring all basic needs and security to the rest of the country. Unfortunately this task is becoming harder and harder everyday as the police force is suspected of constant ties to different militias and death squads. The most recent incident of this type happened just this last Sunday when 20 civilians were kidnapped in the area that was supposed to be protected by the 8th Brigade. Seven of those kidnapped was later found dead and the 8th Brigade was removed from the streets of Baghdad.

More than 12,000 Iraqi police casualties in 2 years (CNN)

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