Cuts in Jobs Announced at the New York Times

Cutbacks in News Bureaus announced by NBC

Cuts in Jobs at Washington Post, LA Times and Chicago Tribune

Cutback in Everything MSM–except Left Wing Rhetoric Masquerading as News 

When You’re Selling what No One is Buying 

The big story of the Mainstream Media in the last week is cuts.

Cuts in jobs, in advertising revenue, in circulation, in ratings: in short, cuts in every meaningful indicator of how successful the Mainstream Media is.

Which is to say, they’re not.

Not doing their job, not successful.

What the MSM is selling–liberal viewpoints, solutions, hand-wringing, harangues and advice–is the one area news consumers aren’t buying.

Some news blurbs from the last week amplify this point.

NBC is closing their Chicago and Dallas bureaus.

NBC: Atlanta, which has managed Miami and New Orleans assignments, will add Dallas. Chicago will report in through the Northeast bureau.

The Liberal Lady, the New York Times is cutting newsroom jobs.

After years of resisting the newsroom cuts that have hit most of the industry, The New York Times will bow to growing financial strain and eliminate about 100 newsroom jobs this year, the executive editor said Thursday.

The Washington Post is closing a printing plant and offering buyouts to all employees.

Washington Post Co. will offer buyouts to employees at its flagship newspaper to cut costs as revenue and readership decline.

Buyouts will be offered to all newspaper employees. The newspaper employs 2,400 people, including 800 in news, she added. Revenue at the publishing division, which includes the newspaper, fell 8 percent to $657.2 million in the first nine months of 2007.

At the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, 100-150 jobs are being cut at each.

What news item was the most Googled search term in December that not one MSM reporter asked about?

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Mainstream Media: New Cutbacks in Jobs, Bureaus, Advertising, Stock Prices, Ratings 


Mainstream Media: New Cutbacks in Jobs, Bureaus, Advertising, Stock Prices, Ratings

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