The answer is unknown. Can you imagine the shock and horror of driving by a property that you own and it has disappeared? Quite frankly I would be a little upset. In fact I would be livid! But this was what Sam Moffie faced.

The building looked fine to me.

Sure it looked like it was in need of some TLC. But I am sure that if priced right someone would have snapped it up. Instead, the property was deemed a blight and demolished. Oh I should add that this action by Youngstown was taken without any contact with the owner Sam Moffie. Much of the story can be read here.

Sam is annoyed, Sam wants justice and I don’t blame him. As best I can tell the city of Youngstown managed to get a federal grant to remove ‘blighted’ property. To facilitate this activity a non profit Land Bank of Ohio came into being. Of course the term ‘Non Profit’ must be taken loosely.

A quick peek ‘under the skirts’ shows a different story. Just take a look at the financial statement for 2012. Now I am no expert on financial issues, the last time I balanced my check book involved using a kitchen scale. But it seems to me that this ‘non profit’ managed to stash over $800,000 in a single year. While properties might well be blighted, clearly their bank account was not!

There is a court case meandering through the system, Sam Moffie wants justice! Quite frankly I do not blame him. An email surfaced recently. It was not scammed nor stolen. It is on public record


OK it is too small to read. Let me break it down. Here is the header.


And here is the meat and potatoes.

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I think it would be fair to say that Roger G. Smith loves his job! I wonder how long he will keep it?

Simon Barrett



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