Or so he would have us believe. The less than charismatic Iranian leader was given the opportunity to address the UN this afternoon. All I can say is that the UN is getting pretty lax in who they invite, at this rate they will be listening to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton next! Or any of the rest of whacko’s out there.

Ahmadinejad managed the usual long winded speech containing no substance but lots of rhetoric and vitriol, with lots of thinly disguised references to just how bad the US are. According to Ahmadinejad the evil West are strangling the peace loving Islamic Eden of Iran.

I caught the speech on the BBC international channel, and one has to admire the BBC, they offered no commentary, just a very polished translation. Maybe the most fun though was watching the UN members. Even those with ties to Iran looked truly bored! You can only listen to this familiar rubbish about Iran for so long before even having diplomatic plates and the ability to dodge traffic tickets gets boring. Several of the audience looked ready to commit Hari Kari, while others just had that glazed eye look of absolute boredom.

I have to admit that having listened to this Islamic rambling rubbish, I am now even more confused than I was before. Most of these Islamic whacko’s follow the same pattern of boring Koran inspired ranting about how bad the West is, while not actually telling us what the hell it is they want. And you can guarantee they want something. They may have found perfection in Islam, but apparently the a few US dollars would be helpful.

He waxed (though not very) lyrically about his countries peace loving nuclear program, “bombs?, Us?, Nah!”, and studiously avoided the major problems of human rights, and in particular the abuse of women within his brutal regime.

Obviously it would have garnered world news, but this is one guy that should be on the US no fly list! Leave the idiot with his other idiot friends! If he feels left out, Jesse and Al can act as ambassadors for peace, and we can get regular updates on CNN! Today was a huge waste of tax payers money, and we are talking about taxpayers from many countries.

Simon Barrett


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