Rabei Osman, one of the main accused in the March 2004 Madrid train bombings that claimed 191 lives, has refused to testify at the start of the trial.

The Madrid bombing trial is bound to reopen old wounds because of the brutality and the suddenness of the attack. The bombs were apparently planted by an al-Qaeda inspired group, which wanted to punish the Spanish government for siding with the U.S in the Iraq war.

Prosecutors say that Osman was the ring leader and he recruited his co-suspects from Madrid’s main mosque. After the bombings there was a wave of unrest in the country which swept away the then prime minister Jose Maria Aznar out of power and brought the Popular party led by the current prime minister Jose Luis Zapatero into power.

Overall 29 men are on trial facing 192 counts of murder and 1,800 counts of attempted murder. However it is very unlikely that the truth will ever be known. A verdict in this case is expected by the end of October

For the full story go to: Spanish bombing trial underway in Madrid

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