Only a few hours after the execution of Saddam Hussein, Madrid’s new Air Terminal became the target of a car bombing. The timing had initially caused fears that Islamic militants were the perpetrators, however, these fears were soon allayed after the Spanish government had said that the Basque seperatist group, ETA had given several warnings prior to the blast.

This explosion comes at an unfortunate time, as the Spanish government had just begun peace talks with the ETA, who had been fighting since the late 60’s, resulting in over 800 casualties.

Thankfully, the explosion left only 26 injured and no dead as of now.

The head of the ETA has blamed the Spanish government for the recent breakdown in their peace talks, saying it has not made any gestures to the separatist group.

The explosion, which occurred in a parking garage, was caused by over 1000 pounds of explosives loaded into the car. The explosion caused smoke and dust to rise into the air and sent rubble flying onto nearby parked cars.

Two Ecuadorians who were believed to have been sleeping in two parked cars are still missing in the rubble.


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