Madonna is home from Malawi and she came carrying her new child. I’m thankful little David has been rescued from a life of malnutrition, disease, and maybe death. But it’s wrong that the regular adoption process wasn’t followed. Malawi policy requires adoptive parents live in the country for 2 years as part of the screening process. Indeed that is a steep criterion, but nonetheless it is the legal process. That Madonna was able to adopt a child so quickly more than hints of preferential treatment. It appears once again money has spoken.
I applaud Madonna for her compassion, her generosity, her reaching out. In the bigger picture though, I think, more children would have been helped had she donated the millions she gave and not violated the adoption process. In the best of circumstances, two weeks is not enough time to determine if Madonna is “fit” to adopt a child. Who knows what kind of mother she is? Two weeks cannot possibly provide information to determine that.
Malawi is a poorest among the poor nations. Thankfully Madonna’s charity has raised the profile of a country in desperate need. Madonna’s money could provide help for masses. It could have provided help for David without removing him from his natural country or his natural father.
Is Madonna’s quick adoption in the best interest of David or other children left behind at the orphanage in Malawi? Time will tell, but we may never know. David will though. I hope his best interests have been considered.

Valerie Dykstra writes at

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