According to People News, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been seeing a marriage counselor.

The relationship has been pretty rocky for awhile, do to Madonna’s fame, need to appeal to her fans, and neglect Guy in the relationship. The teetering relationship spiraled down to rock bottom after:

A NANNY walked out on the couple complaining of the superstar’s bossy manner.

FURIOUS GUY shouted at Madonna in front of shocked friends: “I’ll get on my bike if you want me to.”

THEY DISAGREED over Madonna’s determination to adopt a SECOND child from Africa.

THEY CLASHED over her fascination with the Kabbalah Jewish sect which Guy believes has become an obsession.

HER CAREER continues to soar while Guy’s has stalled.

Apparently, Madonna thought that adopting a child would help their marriage. But adopting a child is a lot of work and responsibility. And since she already has two children, a husband, and a career, and in the process her MARRIAGE was starting to go down, maybe this adoption is too much for her.

However, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer adoptive parents are often overwhelmed and unprepared for the challenges of adoption. Some problems, such as with overseas adoption include a language barrier, children are upset for losing their natural families, homes, cultures, and language and are forced to adjust to a new place without any of these comforts.

So, Madonna is not alone in having difficulties in dealing with problems associated with adoption. However, experts say that an adoptive parent needs to be at an emotional stable place in order for the adoptive parents to properly help the adopted child, and oftentimes, as in the case of Madonna, this is not the case. So, while Madonna tried to get the media to say she was doing this for David, perhaps what she was really doing, was trying to save her marriage. This is no reason to adopt a child, and with human rights organizations investigating her, the adoption may not go through.

What could she do to rectify this situation? Maybe the best thing would be to give David back to his father, and give him enough money to support David himself. That would be something that all would truly benefit by, and then maybe her fans and the public would look at her in a positive light again.

Heather Kuhn is an author who blogs at TodaysNews and Blogger News Network

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