Police Now Have New Theory

Pedophile Abduction Theory Gaining Ground

McCann Parents Not Suspects Much Longer

On the same day that gruesome details of how Riley Sawyers (“Riley Sawyers Mother Tortured Her: Little Riley Never Had a Chance“)died were released, news of what investigators now believe happened to Madeline McCann come to light.

It is not good news for those who had hoped she is still alive.

Police investigators in Portugal, where the 4-year-old was abducted, now believe that a pedophile killed her during a break-in at the resort room where she and her parents had been vacationing.

They were put out by the Telegraph in “Madeleine ‘killed in moment of thwarted desire’“:

Madeleine McCann was killed by a paedophile in a moment of “thwarted desire” before being taken from her Algarve holiday apartment, police investigating her disappearance believe, it has been claimed.

Her parents have all but been ruled out as suspects now. Originally, police had offered her mother a two-year sentence if she would confess.

Police described their newest theory of what happened to Madeline.

Detectives now believe she was taken by an intruder who panicked and suffocated her to stop her from screaming, it was alleged.Read rest of story:

Madeline McCann: “Killed by a Pedophile”


Madeline McCann: “Killed by a Pedophile” Riley Sawyers Mother Tortured Her: Little Riley Never Had a ChanceMadeleine ‘killed in moment of thwarted desire’

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