Move over, tea-baggers. The rest of us want to know where the trillions in taxpayer dollars and guarantees to Wall Street actually went.

The government won’t tell us. 

We also want to know if the administration of Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress will reinstate and invigorate laws and regulations on the financial sector to prevent another meltdown, or is it once again just business as usual.

A new website,, is devoted to the issue of secret tax dollar payouts and guarantees to those who caused the problem. 

Topics already posted at the site include exploring a different kind of bailout that would have put consumers and homeowners first before failed financial titans. Or why so-called credit card reform of 2009 does not actually protect the public against the industry’s worst abuses. And what we can learn from President Franklin Roosevelt’s meeting with civil rights pioneer and activist A. Philip Randolph. (Hint: we have to make politicians live up to their promises.)

The site’s founding editor is Martin berg, until recently a columnist and editor for The Daily Journal in California, the nation’s biggest newspaper for attorneys and judges. The site’s cofounder is Harvey Rosenfeld, executive director of the Consumer Education Foundation, a non-partisan nonprofit based in the Golden State that supports policy research, public education, and advocacy on behalf of consumers.

The reporting, analysis, and commentary on the site promises to cut across partisan lines to expose and explore tough questions that Congress and the mainstream business press not only don’t want (or know how) to answer, but haven’t even asked.

“Democracy doesn’t end at the ballot box; it has to operate inside the institutions that affect our family, community, and country,” Berg and Rosenfeld say in a statement. “We need to arm ourselves with knowledge: about how our financial system really works and how the levers of power operate, to inform our actions as we retake control of the decisions that shape our lives.”

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