Macon’s The Telegraph gave us some clear proof that substance and seriousness is not the standard operating procedure for the denizens of the city government there. In the story titled “Insensitive e-mail raises race concerns at City Hall” we find an innocent, straight forward emailed suggestion to save the city some cash turned into an excuse to beat the tired race drum by city officials whoa re more interested in displays of their faux outrage than in doing city business.

At issue is an innocent email sent by a citizen of Macon to a member of the city council that recommended that prisoners be hired to spruce up the Macon City Auditorium in preparation for the Oprah TV show that is scheduled to be filmed there on November 17th.

Naturally, the Mayor of Macon, Jack Ellis, was kind enough to tell Oprah that he’d spend any amount of the tax payer’s money to be sure his auditorium was ready for the Oprah filming. I wasn’t aware that a city was required to pay for their Mayor’s bout of starstuck, hero worship but apparently our good Mayor disagrees. Anything for his Oprah… no matter HOW much it’ll cost YOU!

But, we will have to save the discussion of the waste of taxpayer’s cash for another time because the Macon city Council has bigger catfish to fry…

Tuesday morning, a Macon man e-mailed Councilwoman Nancy White in response to Mayor Jack Ellis’ pledge to spend “whatever it costs” to refurbish the City Auditorium in advance of Oprah Winfrey’s Nov. 17 visit. The resident asked the city to use existing contracts to get inmates from Central State Prison to do the work, because he said it would be cheaper for taxpayers.

“A phone call from Jack the mayor to the Commissioner of Corrections, a black retired army general and I’m sure the city could get all the manpower with security to paint the auditorium,” the man wrote to White. “Whether at night or during the day, inmates are available to work on public property, feed them some chicken, catfish, coke and biscuits and they’ll be happy.”

Not a bad suggestion. Not only would the city get cheap labor, but I am sure the inmates (hopefully those guilty of non-violent crimes) would probably love to get out of the cell for a day or two. What’s so bad about this suggestion?

Well, far be it for Macon’s combustible City Council members to take a cost saving measure lying down! Councilman Nancy White sent the email to the rest of her colleagues and the fire storm started creating a pseudo controversy.

“This is shameful and embarrassing!” Councilwoman Willette Hill-Chambliss responded in her own e-mail to a host of Macon officials.

Councilwoman Elaine Lucas called the man’s e-mail and White’s involvement “totally out of order.” She accused White of agreeing with the offensive portions of it. Otherwise, Lucas argued, why would White have passed it on?

“It’s upsetting to me,” Lucas said. “This is a public official forwarding this kind of thing. Obviously it rises to a higher level.”

White forwarded the constituent’s e-mail to Mercer on Tuesday morning, at the time referring to the man’s suggestion as “a great idea that was sent to me.”

Wow that is a lot of faux outrage, there!

… and WHAT is the complaint?

Mercer felt otherwise, calling the tone of the e-mail “racially offensive.”

What a surprise. The race card tossed liberally about again.

Then what happened? Instead of telling these thin-skinned, nitwits to shove their accusations, Councilman White bent over backwards to grovel in apology for something she didn’t even do.

“Denise, I profusely apologize for unintended offense. I should have read the e-mail more carefully, but was simply passing on the idea of using the contracts he states the city already has in place.”

“I did what I do every day. I forward on to customer service problems, complaints and suggestions from constituents all over the city,” she said. “That’s what I’ve been encouraged to do.”

And here is the laugher of the tale:

He and Lucas declined to say whether they thought further action was required in response to the e-mail. That is for others to decide, they said.

I disagree. Further action SHOULD be required. The residents of Macon should pillory every member of the Macon City Council who pretended to be upset over this innocent emailed suggestion. They should be run out of office on a rail for creating a fake controversy just so that they could get on TV or in the news. They should be recalled and have the pensions (if there are any) revoked for their wasting time, their sowing of dissension, and their racist hatemongering. And, failing official action for their ignorance, they should be voted out of office the next time these idiots dare to ask for the people’s blessing.

Everyone who ginned up this non-controversy should be fired forthwith.

But, let’s face it. The Faux Jackson/Sharpton style of fake outrage that has been so popular among the conmen has most definitely worn out both its welcome and necessity. Have we not, as a people, grown old enough to see through this sort of naked attempt by race baiters to gin up a fake issue for the sole purpose of keeping Americans separated one from the other in order to hold onto power? Or worse, just to get in the news?

It’s long past the time when we as Americans should be turning against the race baiters like the City Council of Macon, Georgia, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

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