YouTube is full to the gills of cats, dogs, and children doing strange things. They are amusing, but I have a video that makes them all seem boring and mundane!

My wife claims that I know the strangest people, I disagree, doesn’t everyone know a few ex-mobsters, FBI and CIA types, musicians, and a few authors? In my opinion my wife has just led a sheltered life!

Among my eclectic and illustrious group of friends is Mack Burleson. Even by my standards Mack is unique. You just never know what Mack is going to do next.

He sent me this picture:


Well I shared it with a couple of people and the general feeling was that Mack had staged the event using a stuffed Squirrel. I called him on it. Nope, he assured me that it was a real live Squirrel. To prove his point he even sent the video:

Now you have to admit that you don’t see this everyday!

Of course with Mack you never know what he is going to do next. His current project is an interesting one. When he is not video taping Squirrels he ‘invents’ stuff. Right now he is bringing to market  ‘Mack’s Lid Lifter’.

The world needs more Mack’s. While I am sure that many people will enjoy the Squirrel video, support  ‘Made In America’ and  buy A Lid Lifter. Lets face it, peanuts cost money.

Simon Barrett

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