Villains have permeated our culture for thousands of years. Ancient Greece and Rome thrived on villains. Shakespeare would have been lost without them. Classic villainy is a ‘must have’ in any culture.

The advent of the silent movie era ushered in all sorts of villains.


Once the silent B/W movie had given way to color and sound, even Disney got into the game. Snow White had the wicked witch,


and the 101 Dalmatian’s faced Cruella Deville.


The world of movies and TV have embraced the villain. Several actors have become stereotyped, they are the consummate villain. Jack Nicholson leads the pack.

In The Shining we met this delightful man.


And in A Few Good Men the always polite Colonel Nathan Jessep.


It doesn’t matter how you slice it and dice it, Jack Nicholson plays a great bad guy!

The problem is, well if you are not careful, you can get stereotyped. Good guys can only play good guy roles, and bad guys are always ‘bad guys’. Adam West got tagged as Batman, it was a career killer.


Smart ‘Super heroes’ and ‘Super Villains’ tend to stay out the spotlight. Branding works for Coke and Pepsi, but it sucks for an actor.

Without doubt one of my favorite villains from the 80’s was the evil assassin Murdoc. This creation from the loins of Satan had a single aim. He was going to destroy the king of Duct Tape, AKA MacGyver. The great thing about Murdoc was that the producers of the series did not run the character into the ground. Murdoc would just appear a couple of times a season, fail in his quest to beat MacGyver, and life was good.

In fact the Internet even has a 7 minute clip of the best Murdoc moments!

OK, there is a point to this article. Murdoc was played by Michael Des Barres. He is more of a musician than actor. And I will be talking to him tomorrow. Question #1 is going to be about his car.

Well lets face it, it is eye catching!

He released a new CD on July/10, and we will be playing a couple of tracks. Carnaby Street is quite the wild ride!

To listen live to our conversation just click here.

Simon Barrett

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