By Honey Gillard

‘Vacancy’ actor Luke Wilson was once assaulted by a Russian mobster in his mid-70s.

The attack occurred whilst Wilson was filming a guest spot in an episode of Entourage during 2004.

Wilson, 35, was invited to attend a boxing match on the day of the assail and ultimately was unfortunately treated to a boxing beating of his own, from a senior citizen.

He recalls, “We had great seats, second row. I was sitting behind these… I think they were Russian mobsters. I’m pretty sure they were. But they were standing on their seats the entire fight. And they were on the front row so people were going crazy behind us, throwing stuff at them, which was hitting us – popcorn and beer.”

“I got madder and madder throughout the whole fight and I finally just tapped one guy on the shoulder and said, ‘You need to sit down.’ I thought he was the leader so maybe he could talk to the other guys. He spun around and said something about my mother. And I said something about his grandmother, trying to trump him.”

“From the corner, a guy who had to have been in his mid-70s slapped me so hard. Everything just stopped; people weren’t watching the fight. And when my head came back (up from punch) I looked at him: ‘This guy is so old, and he just hit me so hard.’ And then the fight ended so there was chaos between me and them.”

“I got pulled out by security and then later in the night had to do the scene. Mark Wahlberg was there – he produces the show – and he was like, ‘I heard you got slapped by some guy…’ I was like, ‘No, the guy took a shot but I was able to move my head so he just grazed my chin.”

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Source: Starpulse

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