Imagine you find a $10 bill at work, you use it to buy a lottery ticket, and you end up winning $1 million. That is what happened to one BP station worker from North Canton, Ohio. The circumstances surrounding Kristina Schneider’s big win unofficially makes her the luckiest person alive. Thirty-two year old Schneider is a single mother who claims to have nine maxed-out credit cards and $8,500 in student debt from earning her Associate’s Degree. She had previously tried to convince a customer at the store to buy her winning ticket, which was the last ticket on the store’s Magnificent Millions roll. Then, when she found ten dollars in the store, she decided to purchase it herself, always joking that the last ticket on the roll is always the winning one.

After discovering that her ticket was the winner, she was in denial for a moment, but once the legitimacy of the win was confirmed, she quickly locked up the store and became sick in the bathroom. She has decided to take the 20 payments of $50,000, which totals to $35,000 after taxes to make sure that she isn’t broke again in the near future. However, the first thing she did with the money was take her kids to the movies, proving that she is willing to splurge once in awhile.

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