The Lucille Packard Foundation for Children’s Health (LPFCH) is doing more than simply trying to work within the California health care system- they’re also working to make it better.  The foundation recently awarded nine grants to the tune of $1.4 million to various agencies that are researching ways to improve the health care system in regards to children with special needs.

According to the foundation’s president and CEO David Alexander, children with special needs struggle more within the  health care system than other children.  Not only do they have limited access to pediatric specialists, poor coordination among their healthcare providers, but also often have inadequate insurance coverage to meet their child’s complex needs.

Some of that $1.4 million includes a grant to the University of California, San Francisco, that will fund research to discover how best health care providers can improve families’ experience within the health care system.  Another grant to the Division of Nursing at California State University, Sacramento,will study how school nurses and officials can improve the complex needs of these students during school hours. Other research includes reducing complexities, and achieve recommendations from both families and care providers on how to improve the system.

What research is completed will likely be used in the future by the foundation’s advocacy arm: the California Advocacy Network for Children with Special Health Care Needs.

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