It is a remarkable assessment only in the sense that it is coming from a serving US army officer.
 LT. COL. PAUL YINGLING predicts US will be defeated in Iraq (as if we didnt know this). But I must give him credit for writing very clearly the reasons why America will be defeated in Iraq.
Of the three ingredients of a successful war he mentions in this article:
Passion – is 100% absent in the minds of Americans. 
Strategic Probabilities – Generals have failed to show the probablities of winning this war to the public and the government.
The last ingredient, Policy, is badly missing. If achieving better peace in Middle east was the policy – then that policy is deeply flawed. Presence of americans in Iraq has caused chaos and mayhem.
Now who will replace these incapable general corps that Yingling so much wants? He wishes Congress to do that. We shall see if Congress is upto that.

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