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US, Iraqis vow to avenge bombings—

Two bombs went off in Baghdad this past weekend, and you might be thinking “What’s new?”.  Suicide bombings in Iraq hit the papers and tv screens with such regularity that it’s not difficult to understand that for some the reaction is just a bit jaded.  This latest attack orchestrated by Al Qaeda has to be a new low, even for those who revel in broadcasting live beheadings.

The two suicide bombers in this instance were women, and while rare, it’s not the first time that’s occured.  What sets this incident apart, is that almost certainly the women involved were not your typical ‘martyrs’, and they did not ‘blow themselves up’.  The explosions were set off by remote control, by a courageous freedom fighter a safe distance away.  The women were also recognized as street beggers in the area, and identified as mentally handicapped.  Security photos taken at the market indicated the women most likely had Down Syndrome, and had no idea they were about to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

Disgusting doesn’t begin to sum it up.

We should negotiate… some say.
Open a dialogue… some say.
We don’t understand them… some say.
It’s our own fault… others proclaim.

We say… Bull.

There’s a lot more we could say, but this website is rated PG.

News Link: Washington Post

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