A low turn-out of voters is expected on November 7’s US Election Day. A number of legislators have been puzzled over this low turn-out of voters especially during congressional elections. US voting numbers paled in comparison to their foreign counterparts in democratic institutions. Even Iran outdid the United States in this regard. Iraq even had a turn-out of 70 percent of voters in the December parliamentary elections. It is estimated that only a measly 40 percent of the US voting age population turned up for the non presidential year elections. Competitive races such as in the forthcoming Nov. 7 elections are expected to generate interests for the voting public. But still, it is not a guarantee for a rise in voting levels. A huge irony for the voting turn-out is the fact that voters’ participation is greatest in parts of the United States where going to a polling station could be very difficult on a winter day. Minnesota, Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming have more voters at the precinct than those in the southern sunny states. The competitive 2000 presidential election even failed to elicit the public’s participation as only a mere fifty percent of the voting population had cast their votes. (Associated Press).

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