I’ve heard that military error and political misjudgements are not crimes? They either are or were not crimes in Africa, Asia, with the Third Reich or Japan. Something is illegal or it is not.

These things do not depend on nationality; not in my eyes, anyway. Nor in the eyes of God, as I understand it. Maybe I am not reading the Neo Consevative thought process correctly. If so, please pardon me. Are Conservatives saying if Hitler gasses a Jew and we kill a POW for pleasure or INTENTIONALLY shoot up a town full of citizens there is some difference?

If that is their position, I: a.) do not understand it. b.) disagree with it.

The war on terror is real, ONLY because we are fighting it. It is as real as the war on drugs. That’s another war that has been going on for decades. I am all for it. The war on poverty. Prohibition: The war on alcohol. JFK’s war for physical fitness. The Cold War. The hot wars and let’s not forget short wars like Grenada. In fact, since our entry into WWI we have not been at PEACE a single day.

Where I differ from Conservative thought is I know this war did not originate on 9.11.01 – or even in Lebanon with the Marine barracks in the early 1980s.  There have been THOUSANDS of terrorist attacks and bombings in the USA and against the USA since 1765. When I say thousands, I mean thousands. Some of those we solved, most we did not. Of those thousands, al Qaeda accounts for less than a dozen on our homeland.

News flash: We aren’t after al Qaeda, a group based mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and never in Iraq as I understand it. So who are we after?

The terrorist attacks I refer to above came from French exiles from Nova Scotia en route to Louisiana; Native Americans, etc. Attacks were even more prolific in the 20th Century – and almost none were from Muslims. Most were from Puerto Rican and Cuban http://quotecorner.com/xenical.html nationals and lunatic fringe Neo Conservatives in Montana, Wyoming and Texas, and radicals leftists trying to end the Vietnam War or activists trying to attain civil rights.

The Puerto Rican and Cuban terrorists hijacked American planes and bombed buildings regularly. I’m surprised people do not remember.

We don’t understand one another. I don’t know what Conservatives mean when they say they “hope” Americans will unite.

First, Americans were NEVER united – even during WWII, the ONLY war where we were semi-united. Yesterday’s (January 3, 2007) open letter from the President in the Wall Street Journal borders on the absurd, as he asked for political unity after spending six years treating Democrats as if they had the plague. 

Secondly, Pearl Harbor was a total devestation of our Navy and an act by a soverign government. The World Trade Center was an act of terrorism against a private structure by 19 lunatics. Not Iraqi lunatics, mind you. Mostly Saudi. . . . I must be missing something, because Pearl Harbor and the WTC bombings have nothing in common.

Example: If 19 Catholics bomb Capitol Hill tomorrow over abortion, shall we nuke the Vatican and kill the Pope? That is what the invasion of Iraq amounts to in my judgement. If you find me sophomoric or a bad person, so be it.

If one wants to believe that a billion Muslims are on the warpath, they surely will be if we continue on the current path. I agree with that. But I’ve found, from travelling to 80 nations and 49 states that the average person of every faith, color, creed and nationality, just wants to live in peace, love their family and earn a decent living.

Most things have hundreds of possible outcomes. In regard to atomic, nuclear and chemical warfare in the 21st Century humanity has one of two outcomes that will occur: Either we find a way to finally live in peace or we destroy the planet and our eco-system.  Love is a lesson to learn in our time.

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