Lets face it, there is something slightly creepy about why manufacturers use some funky deal called HFCS rather than sugar when they want to add sweetness to a product. The ‘creepiness’ factor grows to epic proportions when you start to explore the world of HFCS. Sugar from corn? What is next? Alchemy? Hell there hasn’t been any really good Alchemists for a few hundred years, and as I recall most of those got burned at the stake by the Catholic Church. I think the major problem was over some ‘truth in labeling’ issue.

Actually I am pretty certain that had anyone at that time in history suggested that they could turn corn into sugar, the papal hit men would have had a fit!

Of course that all happened a long time ago. The world is now older and wiser. Through the efforts of paid hit men Informative organizations like the Corn Refiners Association we learn that corn can be used for just about everything other than eating. You can turn it into sugar, turn it into fuel, chop it up and feed it to cattle, in fact Corn might be the new Duct Tape! But, just like Duct Tape, it is not recommended for human consumption.

Increasingly consumers are avoiding products that contain HFCS. Is this fair? Are there any scientific data that people should be aware of? The simple answer is yes! But Big Food has many little secrets in their bubbling vats of chemical goodness, so getting a straight answer from them is akin to asking a mobster where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. (and yes I have asked several!).

So what is the long term story for HFCS? The simple answer is that I do not know. But, if you love Pepsi and hate HFCS, act fast! This specialty item can only be found in certain stores.

Get it quick!
Simon Barrett

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