David LedetThis one kind of hits me close to home. A 59 year old man in Abita Springs, which is about 50 miles or so north of New Orleans, was arrested for kidnapping, after the police that were looking for a 6 year old child whose mother reported missing.

According to the reports, David Ledet told the child’s mother, a neighbor, that he saw her son get into a white vehicle when he saw she was frantically looking for her child, who had been playing outside. This prompted her to call the police and report it,

Once the police arrived and started investigating while searching the area, the little boy was found about an hour later locked in Ledet’s home inside his bathroom. Ledet has been charged with kidnapping but other charges could be pending once the investigation is finished.

This is getting really scary. Abita Springs is a small town not far from where I live and I am pretty sure most people living there know everyone around. It is sad that your children can’t be safe to play outside their own family’s yard. This man was a neighbor to this child, and the child possibly knows the man. We would think our children would be safe around our neighbors. This just goes to show that we can’t trust everyone.

Please parents, watch everyone that will be around your children. It just isn’t as safe as it used to be for them in this day and time. It makes it so difficult to teach a child who they can trust when we don’t really know the answer to that ourselves. I thank God this child was found before it was too late. I also pray they caught this man before he did any harm to this little boy.

Jan Barrett

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