Update #2 – 7:50 pm January 23, 2008 Wednesday

–Updated: 10:30 am January 23, 2008 Wednesday

Results are Promised by Party Leaders Later Today

Rumors are Circulating in Louisiana That Ron Paul Did Well

The Rumors, The Process and What is Known For Sure


1. Containing intricately combined or involved parts.
2. Not easy to understand or analyze.
3. Louisiana Republican Caucus process.

The Louisiana Republican Party Caucuses are not an easy thing–either to report or to make sense of.

We thoroughly scoured both the web and print sources and the following is what we learned: not a lot–yet.

The Louisiana Republican Party held caucuses at 11 sites across the state yesterday to select delegates to a state convention at which Louisiana’s GOP convention delegates will be determined.

The Louisiana caucuses are so complicated that no one is reporting on it.

We’ll take a stab.

There are no reported results–as of the moment–but the results should be announced sometime later this morning. The results will be difficult to interpret in any event.
The following was one of the best explanations of the complicated process that we have found.

Here’s how Louisiana’s caucus works (I think): The attendees at the 11 caucus sites voted on delegates to the statewide convention. Those delegates are nominally “uncommitted.” But if a majority of attendees at a caucus site were, for example, Ron Paul supporters, they would vote for delegates who, in turn, will support Paul.

But that process only accounts for about half the La. delegates to the GOP national convention.

But that’s not the complete process. There’s more.

What are the two Ron Paul rumors circulating in Louisiana right now?

UPDATE: 10:30 am January 23, 2008

Some results in and what they may mean.

Also, reports from five delegates who were at the LA Caucuses.

UPDATE #2 7:50 pm January 23, 2008

Basically, only a little more than what was known this morning when this was first written has been released.
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Louisiana GOP Caucus: Results, Ron Paul Rumors and Explanations


Louisiana GOP Caucus: Results, Ron Paul Rumors and Explanations

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