Wednesday on a typical heated day in Louisiana 11 year old Devin Funck and two of his friends decided to cool off by going swimming in what people in the Kingspoint Subdivision area call Crystal Lake.

While splashing around and yelling having fun like normal kids do they noticed a well known alligator in the area nicknamed by some as “Big Joe” swimming towards them. The three children started swimming for shore as fast as they could but Devin wasn’t quite fast enough. “Big Joe” got hold of him by his arm and pulled him under. The girls ran for help.

The boy managed to get free from the 10 ft.8 in long gator that weighed about 500 lbs. but not before Big Joe bit off his arm from the shoulder.

He was taken to Slidell Memorial Hospital where he was soon airlifted to Ochsner Medical Clinic in New Orleans where a team of doctors worked to try and reattach the arm but they were unable to. A family friend, Cory Dunn said, “They could not save the arm. He’s got a long way to go, lots of surgery. He’ll need prosthesis.”

Dunn says the boy is in stable condition. He also said the boy and his parents were in good spirits.

What got me all choked up after Devin was attacked was what he told his mother. She said his first words to her were, “I’m sorry, I know the alligators are dangerous.” Then he told her, “How am I going to play my game now?” His mother, Kim Funck said her son loved playing with his new Playstation 3.

As I mentioned in my first article reporting this I am from Slidell Louisiana and I lived in close to where this happened for almost 20 years. Louisiana has a lot of swamps and now especially after Katrina the gators seem to be sighted a lot more in ponds and canals and bayous.

A donation account has been set up in Devin Funck’s name at Capital One Bank to help pay for the cost of surgeries and prosthetics for Devin.

The Times Picayune is reporting that Aamco Transmission in Slidell, Covington and Metairie, all in Louisiana, will match a percentage of any donation receipt brought in or donate to the fund a portion of its labor charge for any service, Dunn said.

My prayers are with you and your family Devin. I pray you have a speedy recovery.

Jan Barrett

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