… “gay purge” of Republican staffers following eruption of the Mark Foley scandal.  Yes, the same Louis Sheldon who told a reporter a few days ago that Haggard’s problems were well-known among conservative evangelical leaders.  Here is Sheldon’s editorial reading gays out of the Republican Party, published on the Traditional Values Coalition Web site.

There are three significant lessons to be learned from the revelation that Foley was a closeted homosexual who was attracted to teenage boys.First, the Republican Party needs to discuss how should it should deal with homosexuals inside the leadership of the Party Liberal Republicans constantly talk about the Republican Party being a “big tent open to everybody.”

As radical homosexuals have been welcomed into “the big tent,” it has become a less welcoming place for religious conservatives and a dark and dangerous place for children.

Today, Republicans need to take a long and hard look at what they have done by welcoming homosexuals into the GOP. Republicans need to make a simple choice between the innocent children and radical homosexuals who prey on them.

Surely, it is strange that Sheldon knew with such confidence what the Republican Party ought to do, but in the case of Haggard “we weren’t sure just how to deal with it.”

Notice the … “we.”  The plain implication of that choice of words is that the matter of Haggard’s funny little hobby had been the subject of discussion with others in the conservative evangelical leadership.

Sheldon’s statement to a reporter was, at least, indiscrete.  The TVC headquarters isn’t denying the quote, however, or claiming the reporter made an error, and I incline to accept it as accurate.  First, I can’t think why they would fail to deny it if the quote is in error; it would make a great opportunity to whine about the wicked, left-wing media making-up lies to discredit Christians in general and conservative evangelicals in particular.

Second, a pastor of my acquaintance who now counsels for same-sex attraction told me a few days ago that he suspected a long time ago that Haggard was gay.

Disappointingly, the Sheldon quote hasn’t yet been picked-up by the MSM and bloggers are relatively easy to ignore, so it looks as if this flaming hypocricy is going to get a pass.  But in view of the downright vicious anti-gay rhetoric deployed by conservative evangelicals in connection with their get-out-the-vote effort over the past few months, they really ought to be held to account for their language and their passivity when the offender was one of their money-making, booboisie-bilking own.

Bob Felton

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