I used to like CNN, in days gone by they actually reported news, now alas they have dropped all pretense of news and have become the mouthpiece of whoever pays most, and that seems to be whoever is in the White House!

The worst offender of this sleazy bunch has to be Lou Dobbs. Day after day we are introduced to new and inventive ways that the illegals are taking over the US, and undermining the very fabric of our society!

Outsourcing is the work of the devil, Mr Dobbs would have us believe! But is it really? When asked, the big players explain that outsourcing is cost effective. When you translate that, you get ‘We can actually get workers that can understand the customer’s requirements and be nice to them’.

Lou loves to talk about ‘Jobs lost’, yet are they lost? The hard facts are that there are no people qualified, or willing, to sit at the end of a phone and talk to people with an IQ that matches their hat size, about why their mouse is not working, or why AOL ate my email! I know I don’t want to listen to someone whine about a sticky mouse and get paid $8 an hour.

In my opinion, you do what you have to do. If you can not find a Windows expert for $8 an hour locally, you outsource it. I hear a lot of rhetoric about working, and people like Lou Dobbs do nothing but add travail to the equation.

Lou Dobbs waxes lyrical about the illegal Mexicans overwhelming California, ‘they are causing a meltdown of our infrastructure’. Well what he fails to understand is that without this hard working sector California would indeed be in a melt down. We can buy a lettuce for under a buck right now, in fact you can probably get 2 for a dollar. After Lou has decimated this workforce and unionized the lettuce pickers, we will be paying $10 a head!

Of course the displaced Lettuce pickers will be able to pick up good contracts from The Department Of Homeland Security building the 21st century version of the Berlin Wall, what an eyesore! Let’s build an ugly wall 15 feet high, topped with razor wire from the Pacific Ocean to the heart of Texas. What a great concept!

I used to think that Rush Limbaugh was an insufferable bore, but Lou has elevated this genre to a new level! If there was an Oscar for bigoted idiot reporting, I would cast my vote for Lou Dobbs.

Simon Barrett


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