My wife, who is a die hard Lou Dobbs fan brought to my attention that Hillary Clinton had recently called him “full of hot air.”

In the response to this statement, Lou and crew ran this poll on their show yesterday.

The question they asked was:

Do you believe presidential candidates who support open borders, illegal alien amnesty, and outsourcing of middle class American jobs to cheap overseas labor markets are full of “hot air”?

I decided to check the results this morning and 95 percent of the people responding felt that the presidential candidates supporting open borders, illegal alien amnesty and outsourcing were “full of hot air.”

Strangely enough — if I remember one of the debates correctly — it seems difficult to get Hillary to commit herself on some of the above listed issues.

Would that make some believe that her responses to these issues are full of hot air?

With the primarys starting today in Iowa, it will be interesting to see what the voice of the American people will be!

You can see the results of Lou’s poll on his site, here.

You can also see the article that reported Hillary calling Lou full of “hot air” at Iowa State University (courtesy of, here.

If you would like to revisit Hillary’s stunning reversal on the driver’s licenses for illegal aliens issue (within 2 minutes) in the State she represents, the Captain’s Quarters blog has commentary, here.

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