Recently a survey was done on people who actually consult their doctor for weight loss plans, and the number of people who go it alone. A whopping 70 percent of people are choosing to make up their own diet plans to lose weight, and usually the essential element in their weight loss plan are diet supplements. The weight-loss industry takes in billions of dollars a year from hopeful Americans, hoping to lose weight using diet supplements. Sales of over the counter appetite suppressants, and meal replacement bars and shakes amounted to about $322 millions dollars in the year 2005. People also spend over $244 millions dollars on prescription diet pills a year. The majority of Americans do not consult a doctor before starting diet plans for weight loss, and even more alarming is doctors who have patients with substantial weight issues are not issuing warnings, or assisting in making plans to help their patients lose weight. That’s why it is very important for the people to specifically ask their doctors about their weight, and the most effective way to lose the excess pounds. It’s also important for people to be aware of the fad diets, and the false advertisements that are out there, promising to melt pounds away in just 2weeks. Doctors say there is no safe way to lose more then a pound or two a week and no evidence that over the counter products help at all. So it’s important that people consult their doctors when it comes to their weight, and be aware of pills and replacements that claim to burn fat when really they’re just burning holes in your wallet.

A good celebrity example of successful weight loss is Kristy Alley. She recently came out on Oprah in a bikini after dropping 75 pounds from her high of 220lbs. She claimed that good dieting, and exercise is what got her to her healthy current weight. She claims that doing exercises that are enjoyable, and “don’t feel like exercise” was what kept her on her feet and moving. She also went on the Jenny Craig plan, and is currently the spokes person for Jenny Craig. Of course not everyone has the money or the popularity to have a personal trainer, and not everyone has the time to attend every Jenny Craig meeting, but I think a healthy mindset, and realistic goals are key aspect to getting you on the right weight loss track. Also consulting your doctor and not depending on over the counter, slim quick diet products to reach your ideal weight are important to ensuring your weight loss goal.

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