A recent road traffic accident in the UK resulted in a major road being closed off recently, as one of the lorries was carrying the deadly substance asbestos, which can cause a variety of health problems through exposure including a form of cancer known as mesothelioma.

The accident involved two heavy goods vehicles, and the incident took place on the A127 in Laindon. The road was closed off for seven hours, as emergency services worked in the area to clear up after the accident. This resulted in fifteen miles traffic jams during the rush hour.

One of the lorry’s hit the back of another lorry, and a large metal container fell from the second lorry. The metal container was being carried on the trailer of the second lorry, and it was revealed that it contained fourteen tonnes of asbestos. However, the container did not crack, and therefore no pollution or contamination took place.

One fire station official said: “The road had to be closed for a long time, because it was always going to take hours to lift two huge heavy goods vehicles and their cargo off the road.”

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