Statements from Jim Briscoe, Lori Drew’s Lawyer

Briscoe Appeared on Today Show Tuesday 

Still Says She is Not Responsible for Megan Meier Suicide 

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Highlights from Lori Drew’s lawyer, Jim Briscoe’s Interview earlier on Today:

* “She knew these girls were doing it and she didn’t stop it,” attorney Jim Briscoe told TODAY’s Matt Lauer during an exclusive interview Tuesday. “She wishes she did. If she could turn back the clock, that’s the part she would do differently.”

* “Everything, as far as Mrs. Drew knew, was that all the communication was nice and polite and there was no harassing going on,” Briscoe said. “She did not create the MySpace account. She did not instruct anybody to create the MySpace account. She never made any communications through the MySpace account.”

Megan, who was 13 when she took her life, had entertained thoughts of suicide before and was on medication for Attention Deficit Disorder and a bipolar condition.

* “At that time, when those messages happened, Mrs. Drew was not in the residence, she did not know these things were happening,” Briscoe told Lauer. “She didn’t find out that these negative comments happened until after.”

* “Mrs. Drew has had to close her advertising business because people have been attacking her advertisers and they want nothing to do with it,” Briscoe said.

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Lori Drew’s Lawyer: Drew “Knew of Hoax, Didn’t Stop It”


Lori Drew’s Lawyer: Drew “Knew of Hoax, Didn’t Stop It”

Today Show Interview with Jim Briscoe

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