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One Paintball Does Not a Mob Make

Another Example of the “Power of the Evil Internet”
Another post from another “good” blogger, who also writes for the appropriately-named “Babble”.

The only saving grace for her is that, lord knows, she was probably just looking for a “fresh angle” to the now-familiar story of Megan Meier’s suicide.

To set the tone and show that she’s just as objective as the “tribal” people she’s writing about, Ada Calhoun throws in “chilling”, “shunning” and the aforementioned “tribal”.

Lori Drew gets to be once again portrayed as innocent victim, the Internet gets to be scary and Ada gets to act detached–dare we say it?–outraged.
‘Megan’ Blog Leads To More Attacks on Drews

Just when things seem to be slowing down with the Megan Meier story, that “Megan Had It Coming” blog shows up and (despite the fact that Lori Drew’s lawyer has denied Drew wrote it) the outrage at the Drews escalates again.

Now on AOL News is this chilling report of the family’s neighborhood, which has become almost “tribal” in its systematic shunning of the Drews: “It’s like they used to do in the 1700s and 1800s. If you wronged a community, you were basically shunned. That’s basically what happened to her,” said Trevor Buckles, a 40-year-old who lives next door to the Drews.

The neighbors, who in the words of the words of Drew’s attorney, Jim Briscoe, are “afraid to approach the Drews out of fear”, here are portrayed as Drew’s tormentors.

Some of what’s been done, according to the report: Last December, after neighbors learned of the Internet hoax, someone threw a brick through a window in the Drew home. A few weeks ago, someone made a prank call to police reporting that there had been a shooting inside the Drew’s house, prompting squad cars to arrive with sirens flashing.
Someone recently obtained the password to change the Drew’s outgoing cell phone recording, and replaced it with a disturbing message. Police would not detail the content.

Clients have fled from Drew’s home-based advertising business, so she had to close it. Neighbors have not seen Drew outside her home in weeks.

Ada has left at least one of her readers wondering: which is it?

Read rest of story:

Lori Drew: The Increasing Victimization of Lori Drew 


Lori Drew: The Increasing Victimization of Lori Drew

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