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It’s still chugging along, the vile little blog that could, “Megan Had It Coming.”

It’s been 48 hours since the news article reported that the St. Charles Prosecutor, Jack Banas, had begun an investigation into who was running the twisted little website. The comment section is still rolling along, over 2351, and still growing.

Curt Drew issued a denial that it wasn’t him nor anyone in his family, which includes the infamous Lori Drew, the current Queen of Internet Hoaxers. The Drew’s attorney, Jim Briscoe couldn’t be reached for a comment. Megan Meier’s mother welcomed the investigation.

Was it really Lori Drew, as the poster claimed in the last thread, “I’m Lori Drew?”

To believe it was Lori Drew was to believe that this person was capable of extremely cruelty. The poster wrote a long diatribe, part blame the victim, Megan, part blame Megan’s parents, part blame the cops and schools for allowing Megan the “monster bully” to roam the neighborhood streets and back alleys of MySpace. And none of the blame for Lori Drew.

If this is/was a fake, an imposter, a Lori Drew impersonator, they took a stand and stuck to it. Never deviated from their story, stayed on point. Tried to paint a picture of Lori Drew as the victim. The one whom the cops, the schools nor Megan’s parents would help in the matter of the horrible little Megan. So fake or real Lori Drew did what she had to do. She set up the MySpace to teach Megan a lesson, to give Megan a dose of her own medicine.

Megan Had it Coming said…

Neither can I, but you get my point. If Megan had simply not chosen to kill herself, this would be a non-story. Another case of a bully getting what’s coming to him/her. That’s why I named this blog the way I did. My part was to teach a bully a lesson. Megan’s part was to kill herself for some unknown reason that I’m unfairly being blamed for. [1]

The person who wrote the diatribe was believable as someone who was angry over the “alleged” treatment of her daughter at the “monster” Megan’s hands.

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MySpace Suicide: ‘Megan Had It Coming’ Blog Still Going Strong


MySpace Suicide: ‘Megan Had It Coming’ Blog Still Going Strong

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