Local Authorities Open Investigation in Blog

Drew Claims It’s Not Her 

Drew’s Attorney Can’t be Reached for Comment

It’s been confirmed that the authorities are investigating the “Megan Had It Coming” Blog.

Local authorities have finally taken notice of the blog, which appeared on the Sunday when the Megan Meier story was reaching most of the nation.

The blogger then claimed to be “Kristen”, a friend of Megan Meier.

Two days ago, the blogger posted “I’m Lori Drew”.

Now authorities will try to determine if it is either or both or someone else.

It’s a new twist in the story of the internet hoax that ended in a tragic teen suicide. A new investigation is being launched in connection with the October 2006 death of 13 year old Megan Meier’s of Dardenne Prairie in St. Charles County.

The sheriff and the prosecutor have confirmed they’re now looking into a blog site which recounts in great detail the entire Megan Meier saga. St. Charles County prosecutor, Jack Banas, is calling on the department’s “cyber” crimes investigators to find out who’s behind the site; the very title of which may offend you: “Megan Had It Coming”. The title is followed by the statement, “I’m Lori Drew.”

Drew’s attorney, Jim Briscoe, did not respond to Fox 2’s attempts to reach him for comment on the story.

But Drew’s family did; her father telling Fox 2, Drew had nothing to do with the blog; the family welcomed the investigation.

Authorities say Meier’s former neighbor, Lori Drew, Drew’s daughter, and Drew’s 18 year old employee, concocted a MySpace web page, under the name of a make-believe 16 year old boy, who befriended Megan on-line.

Authorities say the purposed of the hoax was to find out if Megan was saying things about Drew’s daughter, a former friend of Megan’s. Megan’s mother also welcomes the investigation into the “Megan Had It Coming” blog site.

“That would be great,” said Tina Meier. “I think hopefully it would make a stand … we can post that we are anybody in this world. We can say we are anybody. We can act as anybody, and it’s ok. It’s just absolutely ok. You can absolutely ruin somebody’s lives.”

As in the case of Megan. Authorities say she hanged herself after receiving a final message from the make-believe boy; a message which said the world would be better off without her.

The blog was first put up in November 18th at 1:01 PM with the first post entitled “Set The Record Straight.”

In the post the person claimed to be using a fake name, that of “Kristen.” They claimed to be a former classmate of Megan’s.

There have been three posts on the “Megan Had it Coming” Blog. The first on November 18, when the story was first sweeping across the country.

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“Megan Had it Coming” Blog Investigated by Local Authorities 


“Megan Had it Coming” Blog Investigated by Local Authorities

Fox News 2 – St. Louis [in above source]

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