Two Statements

One by Lori Drew’s Attorney, Jim Briscoe

One by Blogger. com, Host of the ‘Megan Had it Coming’ Blog 

More questions in the Megan Meier/MySpace Suicide/Lori Drew cyber bully Internet hoax story. They concern the authorship of a site we’ve been monitoring since its appearance over two weeks ago on November 18.

Two statements about the ‘Megan Had it Coming’ blog were quoted by Fox News. We present both, as well as some questions at the end.

Lori Drew, who signed a police statement in 2006 that she was the instigator of the fictitious Internet boy named “Josh Evans”, and was involved in the MySpace hoax in the minutes before Megan Meier’s suicide: her attorney, Jim Briscoe’s statement:

“I can categorically say that she did not write it,” Briscoe told “She has not said anything on the Internet, on any blogs, on any Internet sites.”

Briscoe said that Drew, a neighbor of the Meiers, has purposely remained silent in the media and online during the investigation and since.

“That’s part of why she’s remained silent, so there’s no confusion about that,” Briscoe said. “Anything that’s on the Web is not true. She hasn’t done anything. She doesn’t know anybody who’s done it — anybody who’s doing it or has done it.”

And now a statement from Google, parent company of, which hosts the ‘Megan Had it Coming’.

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Lori Megan, Megan Had it Coming: What her Lawyer Says, What Google Says

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