Is Lori Drew the Author of “Megan Had it Coming?

Who is the Author?

War of Words Between Drew’s Attorney and Google?

The latest statements from Lori Drew’s attorney, Jim Briscoe, St. Charles County (MO)  prosecutor Jack Banas, Google,, DBKP and others about the “Megan Had it Coming” blog and who might be responsible for it.

“My daughter had nothing to do with this. Everyone needs to leave her alone.”
–from “I’m Lori Drew”

“Here I am internet. Come get me.”
–from “I’m Lori Drew”

“I have not talked to Mrs. Drew about this at all.”
–Jack Banas, St. Charles County prosecuting attorney. Banas said he asked the sheriff’s department to investigate the blog after being questioned by a TV reporter.

“Someone claims to be her. It’s not her. She has not done anything anywhere. So that makes it pretty simple.”
–Jim Briscoe, attorney for Lori Drew

“We have not received an impersonation claim to date from the individual allegedly being impersonated.”
–Google statement 12/6/07

“Lori Drew could have this blog shut down at the touch of the button.”
–Mondoreb, DBKP

“More than likely MHIC was posted by a group of people just looking for the attention and to see how many people they can get to fall for it.”
–Trench Reynolds [3]

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Lori Drew, Megan Had it Coming: A Multitude of Statements 


Lori Drew, Megan Had it Coming: A Multitude of Statements

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