Megan Had it Coming Blog a Hoax

Prankster Feels the Heat, Bails

Jokester Laughs While Dancing on a Dead Girl’s Grave 

Something to tell the grandkids about, for sure.

The blog’s author thought it was funny, anyhow.

The author of the Megan Had it Coming blog was revealed to be a smart-stepping prankster.

The hoax-monger purports to “demonstrate the collective stupidity of of thousands of Internet users who confuse replying to blogs for having actual intellectual discourse.”

We’re not sure about all that.

It did demonstrate that the jokester had something more on his hands other than the remains of a creepy masturbatory experience: time.

And it did demonstrate that the heat was getting a little bit too hot in the Internet kitchen for the author: he alludes to the Drew’s attorney, Jim Briscoe’s attempts to have the blog pulled down.

The comments and previous posts and comments have vanished from the site–to be replaced with the latest one, reproduced below: The Final Chapter.

Sunday, December 9, 2007
The Final Story

It really hurts to do this, considering everything everone has been through, but I have to do it. I know there’s been a lot of confusion about this blog and me, so I want to lay it all to rest.

As you know, Mr. Briscoe has been working diligently to get this blog taken down despite my wishes. I understand that he’s trying to protect the family, and I respect that. But, I don’t want to be silenced. Not after everything I’ve gone through.

Read the rest of the story:

Lori Drew, Megan Had it Coming: Hoax!


Lori Drew, Megan Had it Coming: Hoax!

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