Saddam was responsible for 9-11…left wing professors were responsible for 9-11…the U.S. is protecting the infant Iraqi democracy…the fall of Iraq is the fall of western civilization…apres Bush le deluge….Libby’s sentence was excessive…Iran’s leadership are the new Hitler….Do any of the writers of this sophomoric nonsense actually believe it? These people are educated, articulate, some employed by famous universities. These people are not stupid. Of course they do not believe it. Now President Bush clearly does. But he is a juvenile with no education, no business experience (other than driving every business he ever touched into bankruptcy), no government experience other than gloating and grinning over executions of (sometime) criminals, and absolutely no military experience other than running away. His tenure as “President of the United States” does not count because he is not the president, Cheney is. Even though the neo-cons whose writings would be dismissed with a grade of D at best in a freshman Political Science class, also share Bush’s physical cowardice, they do not share his gullibility or stupidity.

The neo-con style is the small, medium, big and stupendous lie. It makes no matter how foolish the lie; no matter how outrageous the lie; no matter how transparent the lie; no matter how suffocatingly repeated the lies. The neo-con is assured that their (this usage approved by Shakespeare and Austen) lies will always be taken seriously by the corporate media and will always be reported as genuine political discourse.

William Golding’s famous and startlingly prescient metaphor of the pig’s head covered with flies (in Lord of the Flies) is a perfect mirror for the Lords of Lies.

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