Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee Anthony, is finally going to get her way it seems. All the public has heard for the past month and some is that she can’t tell more about where her daughter is because she fears for her daughter’s safety.

She has done nothing but lie to authorities from day one not to mention all the lies to her parents and to her friends. Cindy Anthony made the remark at one time that it was not against the law to lie, but I was always been taught that if you are lying to cover up a possible crime then it is against the law.

Lying would be the same thing as destroying evidence like washing clothes found in a car that you clearly told everyone that smelled like a dead body, in my book. Lying would be to tell the public, knowing that authorities would have to check out the insinuation as a clue, that you have kidnappers under your own surveillance without notifying the investigators. I believe this would be called taking the law into your own hands. Oh but I forgot, I suppose an EX cop still considers you as law enforcement agent so doing your own investigation would be ok.

I got some comments on my articles about this story that I have written complaining about my ability to write and my reporting things that were not news, but if that was the case then why are these people even reading what I have written. If the Anthony’s don’t like the media drawing their own conclusions from the pack of lies they are being fed by Casey and themselves, then they need to come out and tell the truth for a change. As the old saying goes, “The truth shall set you free.”

Casey had been refusing to visit with her family for a while with her attorney Jose Baez saying that it could possibly be because of the conversations she has were being videotaped and made public through the media. I personally saw this as her way of throwing a temper tantrum for not getting what she wants. I mean after all she is being treated like royalty in jail, even though the police claim it is for her own safety that they have to treat her as in a high profile case. I say quit wasting the taxpayer’s money and put her with the other prisoners. I bet they would make her talk real soon.

No instead of treating Casey like any other prisoner, they are giving her, her way by now not revealing the details of her visits with her parents, so she is seeing them again. Her attorney now has convinced the host of a TV Show called “Bounty Hunters” on National Geographic to go to Orlando and bail Casey out of jail.

Leonard Padilla, the host, told Local 6 News that his nephew, Tony Padilla, who is a bail agent is heading for Texas and he has made arrangements with a company to secure the whole bond which Casey is being held under.

They claim to be doing this so they can find out the truth about what happened to Caylee. “We eat in the same room, sleep in the same room. After a while, these people feel better than sitting in a cell looking at the walls, and they will discuss things that they won’t discuss with parents or anybody else,” Leonard Padilla said. He says they can either stay at the Anthony’s home or at a home at an undisclosed location in Orlando. Cindy Anthony is claiming that earlier threats against the family if Casey got out of jail are why she would consider putting Casey into a safe house. OK if they have threatened the family if Casey got out, how would putting her somewhere else protect the family? She would be out of jail regardless.

Local 6 News say they were contacted by the Padillas by email and this is what was in the email:

“On Sunday, August 17, World Famous Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and his nephew Tony Padilla, owner of Tony Padilla Bail Bonds of Sacramento, CA., will be traveling to Orlando with two of Leonard Padilla’s associates. Tony Padilla will be posting a $500,000.00 bond for the release of Casey Anthony.”

Casey Anthony is a smart girl. I think she knows all the tricks on how to get exactly what she wants. Of course this is just my opinion but I am sure most of the nation that has been following this story will agree with me. Her father being an ex deputy knows all the tricks in hiding evidence too. Maybe they are all innocent. If so they need to come clean and tell what they know and quit wasting everyone’s time and money sending them on wild goose chases.

Jan Barrett

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