A car packed with explosives was found in central London last night after it crashed in Haymarket. A silver Merc was used in this attack that failed. The event was discovered by two bouncers at a nearby club. The car was driven erratically before it crashed. Needless to say, such a central London location, is going to snarl things quite a bit.

At 2am in Haymarket it is not deserted. Lots of bars and clubs are getting out at that time, especially now with late licences. Thursday night is a big night for clubbing in London. My wife told me that she used to go clubbing on Thursday night when she was younger and that is about when they would have been getting out.

It looks like it didn’t happen because of luck for the good guys. We take prevention whatever way we can right? Anyway, all of you who work in Central London take care of yourself.

Update: As the guy who was in it ran away there might be some DNA around for them to find out the identity of the evil bastard. They have just taken away the C-Class for forensics. The car was seen smoking by the bouncers at the Tiger Tiger nightclub. Police seem to think there was an attempted and failed detonation.

In the light of the fact it almost went off or went off in the wrong way I have started a Facebook group of those determined these bastards won’t get us down.

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