Families and residents at an apartment complex in London in the UK have been evacuated amidst fears of asbestos presence. Residents of the Villa apartments in London were told to vacate when what started out as a heating problem became a fully fledged fear over asbestos presence in the apartments.

In a recent meeting city inspectors have told the residents that they have just three weeks to move out, which means that the residents will have to uproot over the Christmas and New Year period in order to be out by the deadline of January 7 th.

One of the residents of the Villa apartments stated: “I was kind of shocked because I only got three weeks’ notice to find a different shelter, a different house to live in, so I was a little bit upset.” According to reports the landlord was trying to repair the heating problem but removed some asbestos piping in the process.

The complex manager stated: “His position was, if you don’t change the boiler, which is the steam system, he didn’t think any permits but as soon as he started cutting on 1930 pipes, which were asbestos pipes, I think that caused the problem.”

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