London seems to have exploded into a sea of discontent. Rioting, looting, and willful destruction. Of course this has not made much news in the US. We are too busy spiraling into an economic black hole to have time for international news. I could offer advice, get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan, stop giving billions of aid to every country that comes with their begging bowl, but that type of advice would be volatile. So I will shut up.

The situation in London has me bothered. The brits tend to be rather subdued, civil disobedience is limited to not buying a newspaper for a day because they have hiked the price 10 cents. For the most part Brits quietly grumble in their pint of beer and just get on with life.

The past three days have been different. I have not lived in Britain for more than 30 years, but it has changed. People have changed, values have changed, everything has changed!

I do not know the background to this latest problem. But I want to share some comments by people close to the action. I have redacted all names. This was internet traffic today.

Noon EST Now it’s Enfield (again), Oxford Circus, Hackney. Let’s not pretend these feral bastards are interested in justice. They’re just out to make London a ‘no go’ area for everyone. No doubt it’ll be Wood Green, Victoria, Finsbury Park etc. next.

I’ve lost all patience now. I’d shoot the f*cking lot of them. It’d be no loss to society, after all. (And, if that makes me sound like a Daily Mail type hang ’em, shoot ’em type – which ordinarily I’m not – than it’s the consequence of their blatant disregard for any rules of civilized behaviour).

Noon EST wait while next year xxx, lets see what the b’stards dream up for the Olympics!

1:35 EST the 17p solution is best. thts all it costs 2 make a bulet and put 1 in the back of each of thse bstards wen they get caught.

1:35 EST On top of which, we ‘Londoners’ are being advised to walk to work etc., and give up cars, using public transport etc., so Olympics tourists can more easily use the roads and Tubes! Well, who effing well pays for all these facilities, eh? Politicians ain’t got a clue, have they?

1:53 EST There you go xxxx – suddenly you express the frustrations that many many people are feeling and which for the really disenfranchised erupts into mindless violence. Most of us don’t riot but when you are nothing more than a bag full of hormones , with no future & no hope you might just erupt .

2:25 EST
We’re not allowed water cannons because it might infringe the lawless mob’s ‘rights’. Pathetic, isn’t it? And look where such a stupid attitude has got us.

3:04 EST How was Enfield today when xxxxxx went there?

Hackney looked tense earlier, with a couple of cars on fire and people being herded by the Police – not nice at all for the poor resident population and anyone trying to get to and from work.

They should ‘load up. load up, load up, with Rubber Bullets’ – let’s fight back with music!

 3:21 EST as far as we’re concerned, the bloody Olympics would have been better off going to France.
what a bloody waste of money, especially since the b’stards have stolen the lottery funds for the bloody games.

pah, what are we expected to do, accept that the UK is now going to be the terrorist capital of the world or fight back!

sorry, I too sound right wing, which I’m bloody well now, I’m just peed off!
regards, and rant over,

3:51 EST I was thinking the same thing but didn’t like to say (how pathetic is that, really!). Totally agree with you xxx & if shooting to kill is a bit extreme how about shooting them with paintballs, only ones filled with permanent ink rather than the eco friendly bio degradeable stuff they usually put in them. Or as others have said, rubber bullets or water cannon. Rioters & looters (& other criminals)forfeit their human rights. While they think they can get away with it they will continue & more will be drawn out of the woodwork to have a go, have a ruck, just ‘cos they can. Serious measures need to be taken, not to nip it in the bud because they’ve missed that, but to stop it growing bigger.

4:50 EST Enfield was very eerie, as much of it was still cordoned off, as in Tottenham, as it’s a crime scene.

Given that so many more places seem to have descended into anarchy tonight, the remains of the Army should be called in, people given fair warning and, if they don’t obey, the Army should shoot to kill.

Believe me, all the decent people (and that’s by far the majority) all over the country are now harbouring a great deal of anger and fear. These feral bastards must be dealt with. Quickly and punitively.

6:57 EST I’m supposed to be in London on Wednesday – if there are no significant improvements then I will call it off

OK, now here is the point, these messages did not come from a bunch of 20 something hoodlums. They are a bunch of middle-aged guys with families. Some earlier traffic included graphic descriptions of looting. It was clear that the rioters were only after the ‘good stuff’, the big screen TV’s etc. This is not a political movement to remove a dictator, this is vandalism and greed.

I still have no idea what sparked this problem, but I am very glad that I live several time zones from it.

Simon Barrett

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